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Unit Conversions

Ever found yourself in a quandary with your units and measurements? Your metric, to imperial? Your local currency, to international currency?
Then, this is definitely the app for you!


Why Any Unit Converter?

It facilitates many types of unit and currency conversions instantaneously, making your job easier, allowing you to get more conversions done in less time.


Our user interface is built to be more engaging and fun to use, while facilitating all essential features and components.


It has a variety of conversion types packed into a single app which gives more convenience to you.


A single app that will power your iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Android Smart Phone, Tab without compromising usability across all your favorite conversions.


Theme colors can be adjusted precisely, with color density. You can drag and drop conversions to "Favorites Panel" for quick access.

How it Works?

User Onboarding

When you install the app for the first time, we will demonstrate how it works through a few slides. We hope it will give you a better picture of the app!

Push Notifications

Notification alerts are a great way to get the latest updates about our products. Time to time our inbuilt notification system will keep you engaged with the app.

Internet Connectivity

If you are keen on converting currency, internet connectivity is a must. Even though all the other unit conversions are offline, live currency updates need it badly! But don't worry it doesn't consume much data.

Favorites Panel

Drag and drop conversions to 'Favorites Panel' for quick access. If you need to remove them, tap and hold for a second. Unit types available on 'Favorites Panel' will save its pair position.

Loaded with Lots of Conversion Categories!

It has 39 main conversion categories.
Each category contains a set of unit conversion pairs for you to choose from. Frequently used conversion categories are listed below.

Live Currency

Apart from crypto currency, all other currency types are available to convert.


Atmosphere, Attobar, Bar, Barad, Barye, Centibar, Centipascal, Decibar, Decipascal, Dekabar, Exbar, Femtobar,Gigabar, Hectobar, Kilobar, Megabar, Microbar, Millibar, Millitorr, Nanobar, Petabar, Picobar, Terabar, Yoctobar, Yottabar, Zeptobar, Zettabar, Psi, Physical Atmospheres, cmH2O, cmHg, ftH2O, inHg, mmHg.


Angstrom, Astronomical Unit, Attometer, Cable, Chain, Cubit, Digit, Fathom, Foot, Femtometer, Furlog, Hand, League, Meter, Mil, Mile, Palm, Inch, Kilometer, Centimeter, Millimeter, Light year, Megameter, Micrometer, Mile, Nanometer, Terameter, Yard.


BTU, Calorie, Electronvolt, Erg, Foot-pound, Gigajoule, Kilowatt hour, Joule, Nutrition calorie, Megajoule, Kilojoule, Kilocalorie.


Carat, Centigram, Decigram, Dekagram, Kilogram, Gram, Hectogram, Megagram, Microgram, Miligram, Ounce, Pound.


Cup, Drop, Demi, Jigger, Gallon, Milliter, Teaspoon, Tablespoon, Shot, Liter, Kiloliter, Fluid ounce.

Our Customers Love it!

Author image

I do like it!
I love the simplicity of the design. I presented to the developer that more decimals were needed to make the app useful when converting units, and they responded and fixed the issue. With 5 decimals this app is more accurate and I can use it day to day with confidence.

Wesley Fletcher @Fletcher
Author image

Best I’ve used yet.
From and to units are on the same screen with Instantaneous conversions and reversal.

D Bastean @Bastean
Author image

Easy to use and great HMI
HMI of this APP is really user friendly. Selection of conversion criterias are logic and simple!.

IMAX-001 @IMAX-001
Author image

Nice looking and working app.
Does what it’s supposed to and well.

Author image

Best app ever.
I am addicted to this app.

Oyins Dave @Oyins Dave

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